What Lies Ahead for Apple’s Flagship iPhones in 2019 and beyond

It all started on January 9, 2007, at the Macworld convention when Steve Jobs announced iPhone and drew the media attention. Just after five months, Apple released the first iPhone, and the world was astonished to see the innovative and inventive handheld device. But then, the decade-old journey of Apple’s flagship product iPhone has not remained smooth all the time. Occasionally, the iPhone has lost the ground and regained the popularity.
What Lies Ahead for Apple’s Flagship iPhones in 2019 and beyond
Initially, the App Store had a handful of apps. Today it houses over 2.2 million apps and this number keeps on increasing. Every day, over a thousand apps, enter in the Apple’s App Store. The iPhone app development services are thriving as technology advances. In such a situation, isn’t it interesting to ponder upon the future of iPhones and its applications?
Since launch, the iPhone has become a status symbol for the affluent class. Similarly, for the iPhone apps, there is a notion: There’s an app for everything. Phone app development companies have worked on this notion and has developed innumerable apps for every task. As a result, we witness the flood of apps in the App Store.
What’s more, every year, Apple brings new variants of iPhones with the user-friendly features and security enhancements. It makes the mobile app development process more advanced. These days, as the incidences of data breach and cyber attacks are increasing worldwide, there is a question mark on the credibility of both Android and iOS platforms. How Apple will respond to these growing threats of cyber attacks will decide the future of iPhone apps.
Apps really gain ground or not?
Well, you may find this question weird. But, the survey has revealed that 23 percent of total apps have used just once after their download. This information certainly makes the number of downloads irrelevant and insignificant. What makes the matter worse is the fact that every one out of the four app user abandons the app instantly after the download.
It points out toward a simple fact that slowly the apps have started losing their charm. As the Apple’s App Store has over 2.2 million apps, and the number is predicted to cross 5 million by 2020, it is not hard to imagine what will happen to the ‘not so lucky’ apps across all the genres.
Of course, entrepreneurs tend to jump on the iPhone app development bandwagon globally to leverage the business benefits of the iPhone’s innovative and interactive features, it is important to consider various aspects for making the app successful. A few of them are-
Focus on performance
Many options are available on the App Store. If an app has glitches or lack of proper functionality, then chances are bright that the app users will switch to another app.
Optimization for improved visibility
App Store Optimization (ASO) campaign can enhance the visibility of your app in the App Store. You can get some initial downloads that can help you with valuable feedback and you can improve the app accordingly.
Regular updates
No user likes the app with the same features all time. As their requirements and market trends change, you need to come up with an updated version to stay relevant.
User-friendly functionality
It is important for an iPhone app that it keeps the end user in mind. Be it design or performance, the app should remain friendly with its users through simple navigation and easy-to-understand processes.
Pleasant UX with attractive UI
When you hire iPhone app programmers, they will focus on the pleasant User Experience (UX) and attractive User Interface (UI).
Though Apple has penetrated well across the world in recent years. It has entered in the Android strongholds like India and China as well successfully. It reflects an increase in the sales number. But then, what’s the point if an app fails to attract the niche audience consists of iPhone users?
Remember, the iPhone users have a little space left in their devices for the new apps. It is necessary for new players to embrace the technological advancements to bring out-of-the-box iPhone apps. On the other hand, the iPhone app developers also need to brainstorm for developing innovative solutions while addressing the client’s requirements. In the coming years, the competition between the apps is going to be more fierce and intense.
Only the reliable and reputed iPhone app development company can survive and thrive in such a situation. Such company can integrate the advancements of emerging technologies like AR, IoT, and AI to build innovative iPhone app solutions.
From the user’s perspective, the picture is changed now. Yes, the users are more advanced and tech-savvy than before, and they will try and test the new things. Also, they shout a word louder if they like the app through social media and other means.
But then, if the user does not like something, they do not give a second thought. It is probably because they have got many options these days in the thriving app world. Also, free and freemium app concept also requires the company’s attention because it can impact the user’s decision of retaining or deleting the app.
We can certainly expect that tech-savvy users will only welcome the apps that are innovative and can do more function in a versatile way. Therefore, Apple will make the standards more stringent to include only the high-quality apps in its App Store.
In brief, it is fair to mention that the future of business iPhone apps largely depends on three aspects:
These aspects will be driven by innovation in the coming years. There is no exaggeration in stating that entrepreneurs must focus on these aspects along with keeping the user-friendliness in mind. If you find this task difficult, just sit back and relax. All you need to find the right iPhone app development partner to make your business iPhone app successful.
As a leading iPhone app development company, we have built enterprise-grade iPhone apps for the corporate clientele globally. With an in-house team of expert iPhone app developers who can meet the diverse business requirements while building innovative app solutions.
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How IoT App Development Services benefit Corporate Sectors

Do you think that IoT or Internet of Things is a new word for the corporate sector? Actually, the term is quite old, but it is in the limelight again in recent years. The reason is IoT can facilitate the interaction and communication at every level. Ease of use and growing app demand are two major factors responsible for the rise of IoT application development services.

Here we are going to jot down the benefits of IoT in mobile app development and also discuss how IoT mobile apps can benefit your business.

how to leverage iot benefits in mobile app development solutions

What IoT can offer to Mobile App Development

  • Valuable Insights

IoT is a network of connected devices, servers, and other equipment. All these devices collect and access critical data for working seamlessly and remaining in sync with different gadgets and equipment. In this process, the IoT system can give you valuable insights. You can utilize this information for taking real-time decisions and making your complex business processes simple.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

IoT can give a boost to the brand and reduce the expenses of mobile app development. IoT can enable the mobile app developers to integrate several components in a cost-effective way. It also makes the app more interactive and provides a room for innovation. In a way, IoT can save a lot of bucks.

  • Efficiency

The customer’s involvement can be increased significantly through an IoT mobile application. The IoT app can give an excellent user experience and assist your employees to work more efficiently. The IoT network is designed to simplify and automate the business processes. It can certainly boost productivity and efficiency. When it comes to mobile app development, the IoT can make the development process more user-friendly and the users can work more efficiently with enhanced convenience.

  • Interactivity and Customization

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that IoT can make mobile apps more interactive. What’s more, this technology can open the doors of new customization options. It means that your business mobile app can remain relevant and up-to-date with IoT-related functionality and other necessary features.

Benefits of IoT-based Mobile Apps

  • Niche Segment

Still, many companies have not embraced IoT technology. Some companies have adopted this technology to a small extent. In such a scenario, if you integrate IoT at your workplace, chances are bright that you can get a competitive edge and address a niche market with IoT-based mobile app solutions.

When you hire IoT developers, you can integrate the most necessary features with ease. It is fair to mention that IoT can make the developer’s and entrepreneurs’ life easy.

  • Easy Customization

You need a feature-rich and futuristic app for staying firm amid growing competition. The IoT technology can provide you with easy customization options for the enterprise mobile app. It is because developers can readily meet the needs of connected devices when they build apps for your business.

What’s more, IoT can address many of the requirements of your enterprise, and the mobile app can just serve as a bridge between the system and IoT technology.

  • Higher Security

When it comes security, the mobile app development services focus on improving safety because the IoT concept deals with a lot of personalized data. Such personalized and confidential data should be prevented from going into the wrong hands. IoT-based mobile app development solutions, therefore, need more attention to data security.

  • Improved Integration

IoT can be readily integrated with other emerging technologies like AR, VR, and Machine Learning. Therefore, it is easy to integrate the features of these futuristic technologies in the mobile app. However, IoT needs specialization for proper implementation. Mobile app developers with an IoT expertise can integrate the technological advancements.

  • Increased Convenience

IoT mobile application development offers more convenience to the users. It is obvious that we use smartphones more than laptops. Also, we can take the smartphone everywhere with us. In other words, we can manage the entire IoT network at our workplace in a hassle-free way. Features like notification and social media integration can also be offered in the IoT mobile app.

  • Location Independence

As mentioned above, the IoT mobile app can be used anywhere irrespective of time and place. Even if you are far from the workplace, you can readily control the IoT system. In brief, IoT offers location independence. Only smart devices are necessary to run an IoT-based mobile application.

What makes IoT more valuable for customized mobile app solutions is the fact that this technology can touch every domain across various industry sectors. Whether you are in the healthcare sector or in agriculture, IoT can address your business needs with ease and the customized mobile app can make the most of this technology.

Though IoT has many benefits to offer, the focus will remain on boosting the security aspect because IoT applications are more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Here are the noteworthy factors to keep in mind while embracing the IoT technology.

  • Compatibility with licensing agreements- The IoT app should be compatible with the prevalent standards and licensing agreements.
  • Connectivity-related aspects- Wi-fi or Bluetooth, the IoT-enabled mobile apps need continuous connectivity.
  • Hardware and software capabilities- The IoT network and related software should be capable of handling the complex business operations and compatible with the mobile app solutions
  • Choice of programming frameworks- Let’s take an example to understand this in a better way: the iOS-based device can be connected with the external IoT-based hardware through either the Apple Lightning or Bluetooth. Whatever framework you select, you need to make sure that the app should be compatible with the existing IoT network.

Concluding Remarks

It is fair to mention that IoT is set to bring radical changes in the traditional mobile app development process. While leveraging the benefits of IoT, the enterprise-grade mobile apps can increase productivity and efficiency of your complex business processes. You can control the entire IoT network at your workplace through your fingertips.

As a renowned IoT app development company, we offer end-to-end app solutions based on IoT. Our dedicated IoT app developers can meet the business needs and come up with an app in line with the existing IoT network of your company

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Get On-demand Insurance App- Features and Cost You Need to Know

Do you want to drive your insurance business by facilitating people to buy, access, and renew their policy on the move? Well, a customized iPhone insurance app can work wonders. From general to life insurance, feature-rich insurance apps can exert a huge impact by addressing various business needs and attracting a wide audience.

Your insurance business needs an assistance of an iPhone app development company for coming up with a dedicated app if

  • Majority of your targeted audience uses iPhones
  • You  want to provide more pleasant and safe user experience
  • You want to bring a sophisticated and futuristic app for the iOS platform
  • You wish to figure out the most convenient app solution for your customers

But, before you find the right iPhone app developer for your project, we would like to give you a useful guide containing necessary features and cost-related information. It will certainly help you get ready with the outline of your app and a rough idea of the development cost. Sounds good? Then, let’s dig deep into it.

Get On-demand Insurance App- Features and Cost You Need to Know

Business Benefits of Insurance Apps for iPhones

But before we move ahead, it’s interesting to make a list of key benefits of an iPhone mobile app for your insurance business:



Simplified Claim Process- A seamless and rapid claim process is available for the customers through an app. It brings more convenience for the insured person.

Real-time Vehicle Information- You can monitor the driver’s behavior in real-time thanks to telematics and a customized mobile app for insurance.

Higher Efficiency-  With simple claim process, easy and safe payment options, and quick renewal, your insurance app can assist you to increase the efficiency.

Increased Possibility of Sales- People welcome a mobile app that takes care of every policy-related aspect. You can boost your business with such an app.



What’s more, you can bring specialized iPhone insurance apps like an app for settlement of claims, an app for car insurance, an app for life insurance, an app for travel insurance, and the like to serve the niche customers globally.

Necessary Features for Insurance App

Insurance Apps for iPhones

Do you know that insurance apps fall under the category of on-demand mobile apps? It is for this reason, it has the features same as those for on-demand apps. For example, the user’s registration, feedback, and customer support are the most basic and necessary features for any on-demand app like an insurance app.

The iPhone app development services provider integrates the following important features also to make the app more customer-friendly:



#1 Push Notifications

From sending reminders for the payment premium to giving claim-related information, push notification is one of the most important features of any type of insurance app.          

You can readily address the customers and spread awareness about insurance-related aspects with the help of notifications. However, unlike other on-demand mobile apps, the notifications cannot be used for marketing purpose in the insurance apps.

#2 Geo-Location

This feature will enable you to track the customer. Yes, the geolocation feature, powered by GPS, is a boon for general insurance companies. It assists both general and life insurance companies in settling the claims as companies can readily track the user or the insured person.

The geolocation feature also enables the insurance companies to identify any fraudulent claims through showing the exact location of the user.

#3 Built-in Chat

The insurance iPhone apps require an inbuilt chat function. It enables the customers to get the online support as and when they want. The insurance business comes to an existence for mitigating the risks involved in our life and neutralizing the impact of uncertainties.

The chat feature can serve these objectives by providing the real-time communication facility. The iPhone app development company can integrate the advancements of AI (Artificial Intelligence) for offering a 24/7 chat facility.

#4 Payment Gateways

Integration of payment gateways is necessary for any type of insurance company because this feature enables the insured persons to pay premiums. You need to give all the major payment options to your customers including PayPal, debit cards, and net banking. Also, the iPhone-based insurance app needs to have an Apple Pay integration for facilitating the payment through Apple’s own platform.

Also, it is necessary to provide a safe payment facility to the users because they give highly sensitive information related to credit or debit cards while paying the insurance premiums.

#5 Health Services Information

From health to vehicle insurance, it is must for an insurance app to show the addresses of associated healthcare providers. You can make this feature more useful by giving a location-based search function.

Health services information can also enable the users to find the nearby healthcare facility in the case of emergency. In a way, this is one of the most important features for your customized insurance app.

#6 Calendar Sync

This feature enables the users to combine the due date with the calendar. The calendar sync can arrange the policy schedule in a better way for the users. Though this is a small feature, it is necessary for an insurance app as the insurance business deals with certain deadlines for paying premiums.            

The insurance app for iPhones can have three versions. One is for the users or customers, second is for the agents, and the third is for the admin or company management. Every version has different key features. It is better to approach an iOS application development company to get more insight on these variants.

Cost of Insurance Mobile Apps for iPhones

Now comes the real point that you are waiting for a long time! Yes, here we are going to discuss the cost factor for the customized insurance app for iPhones.

Your app depends on two core development aspects- features and development time. Though these aspects are interrelated, we will have a brief outline on both these aspects here.

Feature Integration

The app architecture consists of documentation, design, development, and deployment of an app. Now, features make any app basic, medium, or complicated. Complicated app costs you more and the basic app is the least expensive.

Here is a tip- you can come up with an app with basic features for your insurance business. Once you start reaping the benefits of a mobile app, you can come up with subsequent versions that have advanced features. This tip will help you get an app in a limited budget.

Development Duration

The app’s complexity is a factor in deciding both the duration and cost of your app. When the app’s complexity is more, it takes more time to develop. Here, there is a significant role in the developer’s hourly rates.

When you hire iPhone app developers, it is better to ask for the hourly rates.

Do you know, there is a lot of variation in the developer’s hourly rates globally? Let’s understand this by the following quotes.

US and European app developers- Between $100 to $250

Australian app developers- Between $80 to $170

Indian app developers- Between $20 to $50

Time is now to break down the cost for the iPhone app development irrespective of its type or genre.

  • Documentation- Conceptualization of the app (Takes almost 40 hours- $1000 to $2500)
  • Design- UI design for attracting more people (Takes almost 60 hours- $2000 to $3000)
  • Development- Feature integration and back-end development (Takes maximum time)
  • QA- App testing for performance and quality (Takes around 80 hours- $2000 to $4000)
  • Deployment- Bug fixing and upload on the App Store (Takes around 40 hours- $1000-$2000)

If you find this information excessive, then let’s come to the point! An iPhone app for the insurance sector starts at $20000 and can go beyond $50000 depending on the complexity of your app.

Well, that’s all for now. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that a feature-rich, seamlessly performing app can make your insurance business more customer-friendly than ever. It will certainly increase the RoI and lead your business toward an all-around growth. Make your business ready to deal with the challenges of a robust BFSI sector with an insurance app.


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AI-powered Mobile Banking App Enhances Customer Experience

Machines are getting smarter globally. Thanks to thriving Artificial Intelligence (AI) concept, companies can make their devices more powerful and ‘intelligent’ to serve their customers in a better way. Both B2B and B2C businesses have started adopting this revolutionary technology as per their scale and size.

AI-powered Mobile Banking App Enhances Customer Experience

However, the penetration of AI in the banking sector is somewhat limited to date. The distinct datasets and the risk of confidential data are primarily responsible for the sluggishness of AI integration in the banking system. But then, as the online banking and mobile banking become increasingly popular as a tool for 24/7 transaction, we can expect that AI will soon take over.


How AI-powered Mobile Banking App Enhances Customer Experience

The rise of AI in Banking

Robust and rapid processing needs, advent of mobile technology, data availability, and proliferation of open-source software offer AI a huge scope in the banking sector. Though AI has been used in banking for decades, it remained unnoticed. In today’s app-driven world, the banking sector eyes on leveraging with the help of mobile app development companies.

Digital personal assistants and chatbots have revolutionized the customer services and business communication. From assisting people in performing daily tasks to giving them a personalized experience, virtual assistants and chatbots have many applications. Talking about the banking sector, mobile app development services can integrate the AI technology for enhancing services.

Integration of AI in Mobile Apps for Banks

Most of the banks have started embracing AI and related technologies worldwide. As per the survey by National Business Research Institute, over 32 percent financial institutions use AI by the means of voice recognition and predictive analysis. Banks are using AI technology for enhancing the customer experience by giving it a personalized touch.

Millennials rely heavily on mobile banking, which means that AI-powered banking mobile apps can attract them. Such apps can readily meet the user’s expectations with personal, contextual, and predictive services. These are intelligent apps that can track the user’s behaviors and give them personalized tips and insights on savings and expenses.

How AI Enhances Customer Services

The banking and finance sector grows by leaps and bounds. Millions of transactions are done online irrespective of time and place worldwide. We can mention that automated processes and other applications are largely attributed to the integration of AI in banking system and mobile banking apps. The main role of AI in mobile banking domain is to improve the customer service.

Let’s start with customer support. Automated AI-powered customer service representative can serve the purpose with ease. After gathering the data from the user’s mobile devices, the AI-based mobile banking app processes the data through machine learning to provide the relevant information or redirecting the users to the source of information.

Secondly, it is easy for a banking app integrated with AI-related features to show services, offers, and insights in line with the user’s behavior. What’s more, the app handles the advice and communication part by analyzing the user’s data. Banks can give online wealth management services and other services by integrating AI advancements into the app.

When it comes to personalized planning, AI banking apps can work wonders. It is easy to assist the users in financial planning with AI strategies. For example, if the user wants to buy a new house, the mobile banking app can guide the user with budget and other related details on the basis of current expenditure and income.

Benefits of AI for Banking Sector

AI has an immense potential for the banking sector. It brings an automation and simplifies the process. Here are a few noteworthy benefits of AI for the banks:

Reduce workload

Here is an example of a chatbot. It can act as an answering machine and serve the customers continuously throughout a day. It can answer the simple questions of the users of customized banking app and redirect them to the bank’s website if necessary. Direct and basic operations including opening or closing the account, transfer of funds, etc. can be done with the help of chatbots.

As compared to the phone call, the chatbot offers more feasible option to the user as it can provide the useful links for finishing the process. The chatbot can also offer instant connectivity and reduce the workload of customer care executives significantly. Though customer care executives are serving the customers well, they have limitations of time and the number of persons they can attend in a day.

Accumulate and analyze useful data

The revolutionary AI technology works on the principle of data collection and analysis. Any AI system can work well with better data sets. A tailored mobile banking app enriched with AI-based features can collect all the relevant and useful data of the users to improvise the learning process and enhance the overall user experience. After accumulating and analyzing the data, the experience can be made more personalized.

Also, the data regarding financial transaction can help the bank understand the expenditure pattern of the customer. The bank can come up with a customized investment plan accordingly and also assist the customers for budgeting. What’s more, banks can send the notification about the advice for keeping a check on the expenses and investments based on the data.

Drive banking business

Wealth management and portfolio management can be done effectively and efficiently with AI. It can bring ‘banking at your fingertips’ for the users who just hate to visit the banks. It strengthens the mobile banking facility by managing basic banking services. Customers can get the benefits of automated and safe transactions. They get notification instantly for any suspicious transaction as per their usual patterns.

Another useful application of AI is a card management system. It not only automates the credit and debit card management system but also makes it safer. It helps the customer get rid of a long authentication process in the case of losing the card. The AI system saves time and efforts of the customers and in a way, improves the mobile banking services.

Handle risk management

Risk assessment process while giving loans is very complex and critical process. It requires both accuracy and confidentiality. AI can handle and simplify this process by analyzing relevant data of the prospective borrower. AI can combine analyze the data related to the latest transactions, market trends, and the most recent financial activities to identify the potential risks in giving the loan.

Banks can also get the idea of the prospect’s behavior with AI-based risk assessment process. AI can minimize the probability of error in identifying even the slightest probability of fraud. The predictive analytics can manage the entire process smoothly.

Prevent frauds

Banks should be bankable for providing secure and swift transactions. AI is designed to detect the fraud in the transactions on the basis of a pre-defined set of rules. Also, the mobile app can find out any suspicious activity in the customer’s account on the basis of behavior analysis. For example, any online transaction of a huge amount from the customer’s account that has a history of small transactions can be figured out instantly.

AI also plays a vital role in protecting personal data. As we witness a rapid rise in the instances of cybercrimes in the recent years, AI-based fraud detection can lend a helping hand in preventing such attempts. So, for banking and finance sector, AI has a tremendous scope in the domain of cybersecurity. The mobile app development services can address the issue of fraud and data breach while developing an AI-powered mobile app for the banks.

Hedge fund management

Globally, hedge funds prefer AI-based models. It is because AI-related tools can fetch real-time data from various financial markets across the world. Also, AI models can analyze the mood or sentiments of different financial markets and come up with an accurate prediction. These inputs and sophisticated algorithms make AI models capable of assisting the users to take decisions quickly.

Hedge fund trading and management can be done on the move with the help of AI-based mobile app solutions for the banking sector. These solutions help the banks to mitigate the risks associated with overexposure and user intervention in the market.

In brief, AI can provide the next-gen security to the banking sector. A mobile app development company can integrate the necessary functionality and technological advancements of AI to make the most from this emerging technology. AI-based mobile applications can make the transaction quicker and safer. Banks can handle the customer-oriented operations with ease while reducing the cost of hiring additional employees.

Concluding Lines

AI has many benefits to offer for the banking sector. Be it an Android app development or iOS app development, the AI can bring revolutionary changes in the banking industry. The bank and financial institutions can understand the user’s behavior and give the personalized experience through an app.

Solution Analysts is a prominent IT solutions provider that offers customized business solutions by integrating the futuristic technologies like AR, VR, AI, and Blockchain. Our professionals are expert in using technological advancements for developing premium mobile app solutions in a cost-effective way.

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Guide to Accomplish Your Business Goals through a Mobile App

A customized business mobile app has two major goals- solving workflow issues and promoting business. The mobile app can be a robust online representative of your business that offers a more flexible and dynamic solution for different complex processes. You put a lot of money, time, and efforts to develop a tailored mobile app, and therefore, it is necessary to know the ways that lead you to have the app solutions to meet the aforesaid goals.

Step-by-step Guide to Accomplish Your Business Goals through a Mobile App

Let us make a list of the steps that can help you come up with an enterprise-grade app. Such an app can readily achieve the business objectives and gain the traction of people. Of course, you rely on the mobile app development company for the development phase, but if you follow these steps, they will always remain handy:

1.Define problems- We can say it a conceptualization for your app. All you need to keep the operational inefficiencies in mind and think from an end user’s viewpoint. It is better to talk to your staff about the workflow-related issues and record them. You should also focus on improving the customer experience by offering them more convenience and secure their data. Finally, you need to think about the cost factor. While validating the project goals and needs, you should consider selecting the IT partner who offers cost-effective mobile app development services.

In brief, you need to do a proper research on the problems or issues you want to solve with the customized enterprise mobility app solutions and define every aspect of your app project.

2. Take small steps- After defining the scope and requirements, you should avoid taking a big leap. For example, if you will include all the features in your app in one time, chances will be high that your project may not generate the RoI (Return on Investment) as per your plan. Also, you miss the opportunity to attract the app users with an updated version. Therefore, it is better to come up with small and easy-to-manage features in the initial stage. It is better to keep the focus on the app’s design and performance rather than including irrelevant features. You can add any additional features after releasing the app as per the necessity and initial feedback.

3. Give priority to customer satisfaction- How can you generate more revenue from your business? The answer is clear: By satisfying customers. Similarly, your app should also offer a personalized experience to satisfy the customers and boost your business. For example, if you are in eCommerce business, your mobile app should contain mobile wallet and all the major payment options to give your customers a pleasant user experience. Remember, your brand and mobile app are based on the target audience. If they fail to attract and retain customers, they will miss all the goals.

Push notification can be a great feature to establish a meaningful connection with the customers. From giving useful information to promotional news, the push notifications can serve many objectives to satisfy your customers.

4. App should open the new stream of revenue- In-app purchase, premium or ad-free version, and mobile advertising are a few examples of app monetization. App Annie has predicted that the advertising market for mobile will reach $72.5 billion by 2021. If your app performs seamlessly across various devices, you can monetize it with ease and open the new ways of earning revenue.

A popular mobile app can be a great tool for promoting your business as well. You can improve the bottom line while connecting with your customers through an app.

In today’s mobile-driven world, the mobile app can unleash the potential of your business providing you apply proper development and promotional techniques. It is a valuable tool to open the doors of unparalleled opportunities through leveraging the thriving mobile platform. But then, your custom business app should be capable of addressing today’s problems and tomorrow’s challenges. Whether it is an iOS or Android app development, these tips can help you make the most for your business through a bespoke enterprise mobile app.

You can hire mobile app developers from a reputed app development company to come up with a tailored mobile app with desired features in a cost-effective way.

We build an enterprise-grade mobile app that can readily meet the business goals. We have helped startups, SMEs, and large enterprises across various industry sectors in reducing costs through streamlining processes and increasing efficiency using the custom business apps. Source: blogspot

Select the Best Tech Stack for Mobile App Development

It is a technology stack that can make or break your app’s reputation in a thriving mobile platform. Here are a few tips that can help you get rid of a conundrum regarding the selection of a right technology stack for your business app.


What has helped companies to make big brands online? Well, it’s not the app development platform! If you have hung around Android or iOS app development company, then you probably know the answer. It’s a technology stack that decides the future of your customized software. A right and robust technology stack can help you convert your products into big brands through a seamlessly-performing app.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of the right technology stack for mobile app development and give you a few tips to find the most suitable one for your app. But before that, let’s quickly go through what the tech stack is.

What is Technology Stack?

For those who have no idea what the technology stack is, here we give its brief introduction. The technology stack consists of four domains that build an anatomy of your business app.

Four domains that comprise a technology stack are-

1. Frontend Development
It deals with the user interface of your mobile app.

2. Backend Development
It is responsible for the user experience of your app.

3. Development Platform
It is a platform (Android or iOS or both) on which your app is built.

4. Miscellaneous Elements
Technological advancements that make your app secure, robust, and reliable.

Why should you find the right Tech Stack for your app?
Do you know that many aspects are dependent on the technology stack of your mobile app? The tech stack is responsible for developing robust and scalable mobile apps. If you take any wrong decision regarding selecting the technology stack, you put your app’s performance and future scope at stake!

What’s more, the development time and cost of your app also adversely impact if you fail to choose the best technology stake for your app. Sounds alarming? Well, it may, but it can show the importance of choosing the proper tech stack for a business application.

Okay. Now as you know about the tech stack, let’s take various mobile app development environment one after another to find their relevant technology stack:

Native App Development

As you are well aware, the native app development involves both iOS And Android App Development. Both these platforms have different capabilities and requirements. Therefore, they have different technology stacks also.

hire Mobile App Developer

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Six causes Why you should Model Your arrangement Before Developing It

Mobile Application Development

Image Source: Google.com

One of the largest mistakes entrepreneurs who need to create a tech startup make is that they do not create a roadmap or model. while not a model, you’ll find yourself happening an unclear and high-ticket path once you are developing your mobile app or product. that is why prototyping is a crucial a part of making an app.

Here’s however it will profit you and the way to induce it done:

1. Gain clarity.
Without an outlined idea, you’ll simply set your app up for failure, and it’s arduous to outline your idea sans a roadmap and a visible aid, like a model. Your roadmap helps you to outline and sharpen the idea of your concept by mapping out the customer’s journey.

Base this info on research by analyzing your competition and decisive what options attract your target market to your competitor’s apps. Your app ought to address your users’ wants and supply additional price than what your competition offers so you’ve got a singular worth proposition.

With this data, you’ll manufacture a accurate model of your mobile app that’s interactive so stakeholders can have a transparent vision of what the interfaces, interactions and different parts of your app would be like once the ultimate app is created.

2. Quickly validate your plan within the market.
If you wish to provoke stakeholders to speculate in your app, you wish to validate your idea within the market. A model helps you succeed this goal since it will assist you check market demand. you’ll be able to prefer to produce a model employing a prototyping tool or have an outsourced team build one for you to your specifications.

Choose app metrics, like app usage and engagement, to work out market demand thus you’ll save time and cash from any developing an app that will not work.

3. Save on price.

App development is not low-cost. It may be $5,000 to $50,000 or run into the hundreds of thousands, even millions, looking on the customisation and maintenance needed. Building an app while not developing a model 1st drives up your prices over time. Maintenance prices will take up 15-20 % of the value of app development.

A model helps you scale back the expenses of app maintenance because of inefficiencies since you will be ready to establish bugs and vulnerabilities before the ultimate development of the app. you will additionally save on reconstruction prices if your developers later notice that the app isn’t meeting compliance needs.

4. Develop consistent UX.

If you wish to induce users hooked on your app, you have got to provide an expertise that helps facilitate what your app is providing your users. Mobile promoting analytics analysis company Localytics noted during a study that solely 21 % of individuals who download apps solely use the app once. So, it is important to target taking steps to retain users and perceive their behaviours.

With a model, you have got the ability to look at user interaction along with your app. you’ll study user behaviours too soon within the development method and create changes to your app to boost their experiences. for instance, you’ll be able to modification the font of a button’s text if you notice that users click the button additional typically. This helps to boost their expertise and encourage engagement along with your app.

5. Drive neutral acceptance with a verified idea.

When you are attempting to convert necessary stakeholders, like venture capitalists, angel investors or maybe crowdfunding audiences, to speculate in your mobile app, it’s difficult to induce them to buy-in to your idea without a visible, operating model.

But with an app model, these crucial stakeholders get a clickable, interactive app they’ll use and check. It helps to justify funding since it reduces the chance of uncertainty and helps your audience visualize the potential profit your app will bring.

6. Fine-tune your model to boost your idea.

A model additionally offers you the chance to explore new concepts and any improve on your idea as a result of it permits you to check issues with the app early within the development method. making a model provides you the possibility to boost on your idea so your development team will realize potential weak spots and errors.


According to a study by MarketingSherpa and MECLABS Institute, 13 % of users delete mobile apps because of bugs. it is vital to check your app with your audience to spot errors before you finalise the product. throughout this stage, it is vital to document user interactions, errors incurred and every instance and version that you just updated. This helps you to form a valuable and addictive app for your target market. for instance, you’ll produce and reference a backlog of the various versions of your app and compare the different errors your users knowledgeable as they navigated through the system